We Are Headed for China!

Photo credit: visitweihai.com

Photo credit: visitweihai.com

That’s right! This August, our family of four will be starting anew in Weihai, a lovely beach town in Eastern China, as teachers and students at a Christian international School. Click here to learn about the school and here to learn about the city.

We are selling everything, telling our family and friends goodbye, and heading out to live the life we envisioned for ourselves close to 10 years ago. And let me tell you–it feels sensational!

You’re probably wondering where all this came from. James and I always knew we wanted to see the world, and we also knew we wanted the same for our kids. The experience that travel affords is unparalleled, and we want it to be the norm in our daughters’ lives. A few weeks ago, we stopped joking about leaving and wondered, “What are we waiting for?” Immediately, we looked into the necessary qualifications to teach English abroad. We have some friends who have done it, so we began asking them questions. One friend told us about the opportunity in Weihai, so we sent an inquiry email.

The recruiter emailed me back and asked for resumes. Very quickly, we were on to interviews, then second interviews, and two days into the two-week window in which the school leadership would make a decision, we received an offer.

Boom. Just like that.

So here we are, wrapping our heads around this massive change, telling all the people we love that we’ll be on the other side of the world, and trying to reconcile our excitement with a to-do list that looks impossible, but will most definitely be completed in the matter of a few short weeks. Eek!

In the meantime, we’re fundraising to help offset the costs of a move like this. Please take a second to look at our Go Fund Me campaign, and consider giving.

I’ll be posting our adventures on here. In the meantime, pray for us to make sure we get all the big and small things done in time with the least amount of stress, possible. I’m serious.

Love to you!


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